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Invoice Finance

When it comes to complete flexibility in managing your business cash flows without tying up property or equipment as security for a loan, invoice financing is a fast and effective solution to ensure that your business gets paid when you need the funds.

Most businesses do not need a debtor financing facility that locks them into long term contracts with many hidden fees, paying for financing when not required, penalising their business for delayed debtor payments, and dealing with an account manager who doesn’t know them nor their business. At Capitalise Business Finance, we can provide you with a debtor financing facility with no lock-in contracts, no hidden fees, flexibility in dictating when and how much you finance, and you deal directly with your financier – the decision maker funding your business.

Supply Chain Finance

Managing supplier payments can be difficult, especially when your own customers are demanding extended credit terms. With our supply chain finance facility, we provide you with the technology and the funds to make supplier payments from an off balance sheet credit fund – a debt free solution that strengthens your supply chain, increases your gross margin and reduces your working capital needs. Suppliers can receive payment whenever their business needs (including COD terms), while you can extend your terms back to us. We can even make payments to overseas suppliers prior to shipment of goods.

With no lock-in contracts and complete flexibility in controlling which suppliers and invoices are approved, you can maximise the benefit to your business while helping your suppliers manage their own cash flows – it is a win-win situation for both parties.

Services -
Services -

Short Term Loans

For businesses where a debt-free solution isn’t an option, we can provide you with a short term loan secured against current assets. By leveraging your assets, there’s no need to sell property or disrupt your existing relationship with the first mortgagee or current financier.

For businesses looking to refinance existing facilities, require capital for expansion, fund inventory, looking for a bridging loan or any other type of business need, we can provide you with a loan to suit your needs. Timing is often critical when taking advantage of a business opportunity – we aim to provide a loan within a short turnaround and approval time, with funds available within 24-72 hours.