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Secured lending and debt free financing for Australian Businesses

Helping clients optimise their business financing to maximise growth and wealth creation.

Whether you are a new or established business, Capitalise Business Finance can provide a tailored, fit-for-purpose financing solution for your cash flow and working capital needs. With products ranging from short term secured loans, to supply chain and trade finance, to single invoice financing – we can provide the right solution for your business, fast.

By taking the time to understand you and your business, we can tailor a solution for you that doesn’t impact on your existing financing relationships and allows you to maximise your wealth creation both now, and in the future.

With Capitalise Business Finance you can seize that new opportunity now, knowing that we are there to back you and your business.

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Providing "fit for purpose" financing so that you can leverage your assets to maximise business growth

With so many business financiers and finance products on the market, it can be difficult to understand what each financier can offer you and what is the right solution for your business. No two products are the same – working with us and our flexible solutions means that you can maximise your financing options and maintain complete control of your facility. And we back our facilities with no lock-in contracts – if you need to stop or change your facility you can, at no costs or penalty.