Our Story

Our Story -
Our story began in the mining industry, working as professionals in refineries around Australia, working our way up the “corporate ladder”. We worked hard on site, and in our time off we invested wisely and worked even harder to build a future for us and our young family. Then one day our multinational employer decided to close our refinery and ship our ore to China for cheaper processing – our small, close-knit town of 4,000 people was decimated to 1,500 people. The loss of numbers doesn’t tell the story of the loss of dreams and hopes of thousands of people and the emotional turmoil that ensued. We realized that nobody was looking after the smaller businesses – the backbone of our country – and decided that we wanted to make a real, positive difference directly ourselves.
Capitalise Business Finance was born. Our focus is to help businesses not only survive, but thrive. We believe that the more businesses we can help, the better society will be – more businesses means more employment and more competition, resulting in better services and competitive pricing for consumers. We do this by providing flexible solutions to the biggest problem facing Australian businesses – poor cashflow management.
How are we different from the many other financiers in the marketplace? We fund our clients directly, meaning that we look beyond your historical financial figures to understand who you are and where you are heading. Our goal is to provide you with a solution that fits your business needs so that your business grows – we only grow when you grow. We back ourselves and our products by not locking you into contracts – our facilities are that flexible and our service at a standard that others can’t provide, that our clients continue to come back to us whenever their business needs dictate.
We take pride in providing a high level of service to great businesses and great business owners. We work with our clients to provide a stress-free financing experience so that they can fully focus on running and growing their business. We are here to help them achieve their financial goals.