Case Studies

Case Studies, Capitalise Business Finance

Invoice finance

Coal Haulage contractor

Opportunity: New business supplying services to the mining industry. Extended customer terms and needing finance to pay overheads and employees/contractors weekly. Business owner did not want to tie up property for business purposes – an overdraft or loan was not an option.

Solution: By providing our invoice financing solution, the client manages their cash flows to ensure that they can make creditor and employee payments on time. With the flexibility to finance only when needed, and partially finance invoices, the client can minimise their financing costs and maximise their profits.

Case Studies, Capitalise Business Finance

supply chain finance

Construction head contractor

Opportunity: Young construction business growing rapidly by building quality, high-end residential and commercial premises. As their business has grown and they take on larger projects, their own customer terms have been pushed out, putting a strain on their working capital needs. Looking for a solution to manage supplier payments without the burden of extra debt. 

Solution: Our Supply Chain Finance facility has enabled this client to provide payment options to their suppliers while extending terms to us. It is a debt free, off balance sheet credit fund from which supplier can be paid. They have drastically reduced their working capital requirements, enabling those funds to be redeployed to new projects. Their suppliers also benefit from a cash flow solution with no debt, no recourse cash payments – a solution that is better for them than invoice financing. 

Case Studies, Capitalise Business Finance

invoice finance


Opportunity: Family business providing gyprock and plastering services to commercial clients. Variable cash flows due to variety of contract sizes and  customer terms. Client wanted a cash flow solution that they could call upon “as needed” to provide the right amount of funds for their business at the right time.

Solution: Our invoice finance facility provided this client with the confidence to commit to larger jobs, knowing that they can utilise our facility to access cash whenever the need it. By only financing when needed, our client can minimise their financing costs and draw upon the facility on a project-by-project basis.

Case Studies, Capitalise Business Finance

Supply Chain finance

tiling supply and installation

Opportunity: Retail business providing large purchase price items to consumers. Without having the luxury of running an account with suppliers, this client’s cash flows limited their ability to make supplier payments, thus limiting the number of jobs they could take on. Customer payments lagged behind supplier payment terms. Jobs were being lost due to lack of funding to purchase supplies.


Capitalise business Finance supply chain finance facility provided this client with the funds to make supplier payments for jobs or equipment that were ordered by consumer customers. By financing “sold” supplies, our client profited from known sales without needing to fund the supply, resulting in profit without any outlay – an infinite return on investment for our client!