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At Capitalise Business Finance, we aren’t finance brokers – we are business finance lenders. Our goal is not to place your business with a lender in order to earn commission, our goal is to provide the right solution for your business and fund you ourselves. When we back your business with our funds, we need to know that it’s the right solution for you so that your business thrives. We are motivated to see your business succeed – our business succeeds when your business succeeds.

At Capitalise Business Finance, we believe that everyone should take a holistic approach to their finances – encompassing business finance, personal finance, and your longer-term goals. Different asset classes offer different advantages and disadvantages with respect to leverage, wealth creation vs income generation, varying levels of debt, and exposure time and cost. By utilising the wrong asset class to solve a business finance problem today it may cost you dearly in the future in terms of lost opportunity. Over the longer term, opportunity cost can be your greatest expense, so at Capitalise Business Finance we always aim to utilise the most appropriate financing tool when solving a business problem so that when your next opportunity arises you can capitalise on it. Have a conversation with us today so we can help you determine what your business needs and how you can best solve them.

We are specialists in cash flow and working capital finance solutions. Our focus is to provide our clients with facilities with maximum flexibility because, in most cases, rigid facilities with lock-in contracts and hidden fees can hinder the growth of a business. Many small to medium business owners do not fully understand how cash flow facilities work, nor the differences between each lender and facility. Our facilities offer maximum flexibility for our clients – no lock-in contracts, finance only what is needed when it is needed, and no hidden fees. Our clients have complete control over their financing needs and costs and can start and stop the facility as required – by offering only the best solutions available we provide our clients with the best tools to succeed.

It is a sad fact that some lenders under-deliver on their promises. Often, this is because the sales person delivering the promises isn’t the same person (or persons) who is expected to deliver on them in the longer term. The after-sales service doesn’t meet expectation and you are left with buyer’s regret. When you deal with Capitalise Business Finance you are dealing directly with your financier from first contact – you have direct 24/7 access to the person funding your business, so we need to deliver on our promises because your success is our success. We are so confident in our products and ability, that we back ourselves by having no lock-in contracts for many of our facilities – if you don’t like it or your needs change, simply stop utilising the facilities with no penalty or exit fee. You don’t need to just take our word for it – our most recent Net Promoter Score is +77%! Compare that to the major lenders (some of whom have negative scores) or some other common cash flow financiers on the market (at around +15%) and you will see that our clients are rating us as one of the best financiers on the market.

Many businesses experience fluctuations in their business turnover throughout the year. This may be due to seasonal effects or from moving from one project to the next. As a result, their financing needs will also fluctuate. At Capitalise Business Finance we can provide you with a facility that you can draw upon, at your call, in order to finance your business or projects on a project-by-project basis, and the facility will grow as your business grows. Once a project is completed, or if your needs change part-way through the project, you simply stop utilising the facility with no penalty or cost. We do not take any property, equipment or stock as security, giving you piece of mind that your house isn’t at risk, and we do not interfere with your existing financing arrangements with other lenders.

Supply Chain Finance is a facility that you can draw upon in order to make supplier payments, then delay repaying your financier until a future date. By not utilising your own funds to make supplier payments, you reduce your working capital requirements and your cash conversion days. Although this form of finance is relatively new in Australia it is quickly becoming popular, however there are many variations in the market a lot of them don’t provide the flexibility required for suppliers and customers to effectively manage their cash flow and working capital needs. Our Supply Chain Finance facility provides your business with an off-balance sheet fund in order to make supplier payments, allowing your suppliers to take payment whenever their business needs, thus strengthening their business and your supply chain. You can then extend your terms back to us by up to 90 days, thus providing you with a flexible cash flow tool to manage your working capital. Whenever your suppliers take early payment for their invoices you can earn a rebate on those invoices, thus reducing your input costs – you can effectively turn your accounts payables from a liability into a revenue stream. You can utilise the facility to make payments to suppliers on COD terms, or overseas suppliers without the need for credit notes, and we can finance the complete invoice (i.e. without the need for a deposit).

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